Since I didn't die I want to...

Since I didn’t die I want to…

  A bucket list is often connected with climbing mountains, jumping out of airplanes and other adventures of the same magnitude. Although every bucket list looks different. With this post I hope to change your perspective on bucket lists and what they are for. Before I die I want to… The title above is the […]

A good life coach

A Good Life Coach

Why would a stranger be able to help you with something that is deeply personal? I had that question a while back and I’d like to address it since I think it’s important. A┬álife coach IS a stranger and will continue to be so for as long as you hire one. A good Life Coach […]

Why You Need to Have Self-Awareness

Why you need to have self-awareness

The word “self-awareness” is popping up here and there when you read about self-improvement, and it’s important for the sake of solving personal problems but also to reach other goals. Self-awareness means that we are aware of our own feelings and thoughts and how we deal with them. It’s the inner conversation that we have […]