A good life coach

Why would a stranger be able to help you with something that is deeply personal? I had that question a while back and I’d like to address it since I think it’s important. A life coach IS a stranger and will continue to be so for as long as you hire one.

A good Life Coach – The important bits

A good life coach has a lot of experience, especially if they have a speciality.
Education is a good thing to have, but it can never replace “been there, done that”.

They know how to listen, especially to the things You never say aloud.
That said, a good life coach should never assume.

They know how to ask the right questions and they are curious to find out what makes You tick.
Asking questions is a life coach main tool to get You to consider your options, get past obstacles and find your strength.

A good life coach will respect You.
That means that what is being said between the two of you, stays there. But it’s also about Your values, beliefs, personal experiences, fears and everything else that has to do with you as a person.

They know how to motivate, encourage and build positive relationships.
A positive attitude and a strong belief in Your potential is essential.

Great communication skills are important.
A life coach who can’t communicate will make no difference for Your situation.

Everything else

No matter what speciality a good life coach has they will continue to grow both on a personal and professional level. Every day is a new opportunity to evaluate life and take things a step further in the right direction. In return, this will reflect on you as a client.

A good coach will focus on the future and help you do the same. In general, if the future is fuzzy You might need someone to help you see it more clearly and that’s what a life coach is for. In particular, if you have a tough time to see your own future after cancer, let me know.

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And don’t forget to have a great day