Why Acts of Kindness

Some people are generous by nature while others have to learn how to become generous. To be kind towards a stranger doesn’t always come natural and sadly it’s very common that we take the people closest to us for granted.

There’s nothing strange about helping others, stranger or no stranger. It will enrich your life and return far more than you can imagine. Maybe even create new friendships.
Givers feel better in general about their lives and about who they are. When you feel good about giving you are more likely to do it again. It’s a positive act with an addictive element to it and it’s all happening in our minds.

Kind people tend to be more empathetic and empathy is the key to any successful relationship. If you can’t put yourself in others situations and understand how they feel, it’s difficult to grow any kind of relationship.
If you begin to volunteer or do kind random acts there’s a big chance that you will feel happier, get better self-esteem and feel like you have better control over your life.

Time is Money

It tend to be easier to be generous with money than time. Everyone are busy with work and other things that are important to them. And it’s easy to forget that although money is important it can’t buy you the feeling of fulfilment. Yes, it’s satisfying to see your kids be happy over the latest Xbox games you bought them. But once they grow up they will remember the time you spent with them more than any other gifts.

And that applies to other people too. You can give money to charity, but if you get actively engaged in their work you will get a different perspective on how they help and it means more to the charity in question.

Be Kind to Your Heart

Being kind does literally work wonders for your heart in a physical level. The heart is not just a symbol. Kindness strengthens our immune system, reduces aches and pains, improves our cardiovascular profile, and boosts energy and strength. It also have other positive physical effects and it will lower the stress level. There are an overwhelming amount of positive reasons why you should be kind.

What You Can Do

There are plenty of things you can do as a volunteer and you can choose between local charities or go global. If you prefer to help out within your own neighbourhood the results will be more obvious of course. But whatever level it is, everyone will benefit from it, including yourself.

Do random acts of kindness for the people you meet everyday. There are plenty of people around you that you might not even notice any more because they are always there. The guy at the gas station, the girl at the cash register in your local convenience store, a neighbour, the postman…the list is usually a lot longer than you might think. You don’t need to know these people to do something for them. To receive help from someone you don’t know is more appreciated because it makes us feel like we matter.

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