Why You Need to Have Self-Awareness

The word “self-awareness” is popping up here and there when you read about self-improvement, and it’s important for the sake of solving personal problems but also to reach other goals.

Self-awareness means that we are aware of our own feelings and thoughts and how we deal with them. It’s the inner conversation that we have with ourself and if your self-awareness is good you know how to listen to your inner voice and respect it. Without self-awareness you don’t know who you are and why you react the way you do.

So how can you improve your self-awareness?


Writing a journal is an excellent way to keep up with your thoughts and take a closer look at what’s going on. It can solve problems and it will put things into perspective. If you are a person who have easy to reflect you can go back and read earlier entries to see things in a different light.
If you have difficulties to keep up with a journal (time-wise or just forgetting to write), start small. Write a couple of lines a day to begin with just to make it into a habit. There are apps that will remind you to do things to reach your goals and that might be a solution if you forget to write. It usually takes about 3 months to give birth to a new habit no matter what it is, so don’t give up.


Another way to get in touch with yourself is meditation. Most people get a picture of a skinny guy sitting in a lotus position when you mention meditation…but that’s not what it has to be. You can meditate in many different ways. A quiet place where you can relax is a must and somewhere to make yourself comfortable. All you need to do is to close your eyes, relax and start counting your breaths. Start small and count only three breaths at the time.

It’s important not to lose that focus. When your mind seems to be swimming with thoughts and your body feels as if it’s floating you’ve succeed. It will make you aware of thoughts that otherwise will be pushed away in favour for your daily routine. Being aware is a great step towards problem solving.
The trick with meditation is to allow thoughts to flow without processing any of them while you meditate. That’s why you should focus on counting those three breaths over and over again.
Once you’ve mastered all that you will discover more about yourself and also about your potential.
To keep up with meditating takes the same kind of dedication and journal writing does and you will need time to make it into a habit.

A quick fix?

Everyone are looking for a quick fix no matter if it’s on a personal level, material level or financial. These things takes time and depends on how invested you are in yourself. But if you dedicate half an hour every day to get to know yourself you will reach your goals faster.
And if you don’t like what you find once you’re connected to that inner voice – change it. You do have the power to change how you react, how you make decisions and how you respond to problems and find solutions.

And maybe most important of all – don’t judge yourself too much. After all, you’re just human.