The Beauty of Being in Remission

Remission is often a mix between fear, happiness and loneliness. You are not 100% in the clear yet and at the same time you feel like you were born again.

The World Around Us During Remission

It might sound like a cliché, but you see brighter colours, smells are more intense and things like bird song sounds heavenly. No one seems to know for sure why this happens, or why some people have this experience while others don’t. Maybe it has to do with how we see the world around us in general and what we appreciated before the illness put everything to a halt.

The whole thing is very powerful and others might think you’ve gone mad. I’d say enjoy it. Sadly enough it doesn’t last very long, no matter how much you promise yourself that you will never stop appreciating the world around you ever again.
After a while the colours fade, the smells and the sounds will go back to normal again and we are back in the same routines we had before hospital stays and nervous wait for test results.

What Not To Change

Once you have been diagnosed with any severe illness it’s not recommended that you make any changes to the main components in your life. Don’t get a divorce, don’t move house or change your career. It’s all about keeping the stability you had when the diagnose turned things up-side-down, and to have something familiar to come back to.

It is not always easy to merge back into the life you had. If you’ve had or have cancer you know how lonely it can be. It’s a bit like standing out in the cold looking through a window at friends and family having a good time. Once you’re in the clear that loneliness can be tough to break through.

Keeping It All new and fresh

It can be a positive thing to get a new perspective on familiar things and make you dare to appreciate it again the way you used to. To be in remission is like walking over a bridge. It’s the time that ties you to the world you know and to the weeks and months when everything felt so uncertain.
There’s is no easy fix to cross that bridge but being in remission is a good thing. It means that you’ve got a second shot at life.

You stick to what you already know – or you can take a deep breath and dive into the really deep end and start over entirely from scratch. There’s no good or bad way to go from being in remission to a normal life, only different ways, depending on who you are and what you want.

Keeping those bright colours shining a bit longer can be a challenge, but as long as you notice them they will be there. Enjoy the ride and tell everyone how fluffy and incredibly white those clouds are against that deep blue sky that seems to go on forever. Let them think you’ve gone crazy. After all, once “normal” is back there’s not much room for crazy any more.