Fairs is a great way to get publicity around here, and so far I haven’t attended any of them mainly because I wanted to make sure I was ready fo...

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Fairs and other news

Last Give Away For 2013

Since 2013 is coming to an end it’s time for a last give-away this year. The Ring The ring above is adjustable, it’s Hallmarked Sterling s...

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Last Give-Away For 2013

Jewellery collection

Stackable rings is really nothing but rings you can easily put on the same finger without them interfering too much with each other. Except from that ...

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Stackable Rings


Pearls…and more pearls. Most of my day is spent at the workbench, and most of the time I work with metals. However, since pearls is a personal f...

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Pearl bracelets


This silver kitty pendant was another shape that happened in the crucible while I was melting silver a while back. It was originally attached to the &...

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Silver Kitty Pendant


As of late I’ve spent a lot of time with the torch and the crucible, melting silver. There’s always a lot of small bits of silver left beh...

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Pendant from scrap silver